SC Johnson Wax Administration Building

I visited the SC Johnson Wax Administration Building during the Wright & Like 2016 tour in Racine, WI.  SC Johnson participated in the Wright & Like, but also offers free tours.  Schedule Your Tour Here! The tour starts in the entrance under The Golden Rondelle Theater (the big golden spaceship looking building).  Tour guides are dressed in suits. When you arrive for your tour, the tour guide will first take you to the entrance of the Research Tower where you are greeted by two giant statues. You are then allowed to roam the Research Tower at will. There is so much to see, I suggest you pick 1-2 floors and really take your time to look around. I don’t know how you can possibly see all there is to see in the amount of time allotted in the Research Tower, but no worries because the tours are free and you can come back again – that’s the great thing about SC Johnson!

After the Research Tower, the tour guide will lead you through the parking structure featuring the lily pad inspired structural beams holding up the ceiling. You are then taken inside the Administration Building.  It is like walking back in time!  Even though business still takes place inside the Administration Building, it was well preserved.   You can even sit in some of the FLLW designed furniture!  The tour takes you through the Administration Building where you can see Mr. Johnson’s office.  Several notable features that will be pointed out include the Pyrex glass tubing, the dendriform columns, the ‘bird cage’ circular elevators and the use of FLLW’s favorite color, Cherokee Red, throughout the building.

After your tour of SC Johnson Wax, you can head to the north side of Racine and visit Wingspread, the home of H.F. Johnson Jr..

Name: SC Johnson Administration Building and Research Tower

Location: 1525 Howe Street, Racine, Wisconsin, 53403

Year Built: Administration Building 1939; Research Tower 1950

Style: Usonian

Website: SC Johnson Wax



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